A vision to showcase awesomeness

We are club of videographers and designers dedicated to showcasing our campus,
the people in it and the stories of clubs at Brown. 

The What, How, and Why of Reel Features 

Reel Features does one thing only, so we can focus on doing it well: we make beautiful promotional videos for clubs at Brown. Our work is like an iPhone while listening to NPR; they are simply designed, and aim to engage and inform viewers. We exist to showcase. Externally, the focus is showcasing Brown. Internally, we focus on building real world production skills, and sharing those talents with one another.  But to understand us, first understand our story. 

A Very Brief History. 

Founded in January 2015 by Sierra Clark and Ellen Taylor.
An engineering class sparked the idea. ENGN 1000 was building a rainwater harvesting system, when someone asked
                                                 "Is there a group that can video capture how f-ing cool we are?" 

There was not. How much would it cost? Who would we talk to? Sierra thought the complexity of the problem was stupid. Sierra talked to Ellen about this. They designed Reel Features that winter break with one simple idea in mind:

Free videos to capture how f-ing cool you are.  

Reel Features began spring semester with 12 founding members. 
Production Team: Lynn Tachihara '17, Austin Peete '18, Errol Danehey '18, William Berry '16, Huda Massarueh '18
Design / Finance Team: Ellen Taylor '17, Melissa Isidor '17, Charles Park '17, Elizabeth Lippman '17, Daniel Rabine '17

Now for the future.