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Where do I sign up for a video? 
Video applications are here

What is the price? 
It is free. Really. 

Once I fill out the application, what next? 
Applying on the site puts your name on the waitlist. 

What is the process? 
1. Pre-application on this site. 
2. Vision Meeting
3. Film / Edit
4. Boom. You've got yourself a video. 

How long will it take to get a video? 
Roughly 2 weeks; from vision meeting to final product. 

I need a video now. How do I get in contact with you? 
Don't you hate it when people cut you in line? We dislike that too. 
So we don't take emergency requests. Please apply early to reduce stress. 

What if we apply early, but our event is not for a while? 
Events make for great footage. SO, we would prefer to film the week/weekend of your event. This means, if you apply now you will "reserve" that date for your club. 

What type of video do you guys make? 
Promotional videos, which to us means a short video (less than 2 min) that captures who your club is. Here are some examples

What sort of footage do you take? 
Interviews and other footage. Our preferred "other footage" is an event because usually there is a lot to capture. If your club doesn't host an event we'd want to film something that shows your club in action: your club doing what it does best. 

How many different times will we film? 
If possible we like to film all in one day. This means that interviews will likely be done at the same time as your event, group meeting, practice, etc. 

Do you do guys do short films (aka we'd like to craft storyboard)? 
No. The purpose of our videos is to give people an idea of who you are. We'd like to share the story you already have in action. We find this to be truest to who your club actually is and what you do. 


So who is Reel Features? 
We are a group of filmmakers, designers, and get shit done-rs that care about showcasing Brown and its awesomeness. Find out more here

How do I join Reel Features?
We are usually looking for new people at the beginning of every semester so they can be hands on at every step of the video-creation process. That being said, if you are interested, shoot us an email anywhere anytime. 

Can anyone join?
Yes. We care about people who take initiative to make things happen.
We really like making things happen.