This is what we're made of. 

We film to produce informative, engaging, and timeless videos for clubs at Brown University.

Lean In
March 22, 2016 * Website  
Lean in Circles are small groups of women who meet regularly to learn and grow together. 

Camera 1+ Rough Edit//  Hannah Anokye
Camera 2+ Final Edit// Hana Estice

March 11, 2016* Website 
A one weekend "workathon" with the aim to help people with physical disabilities through engineering projects. 

Camera 1+ Rough Edit//  Julia Peña
Camera 2+ Final Edit// Hana Estice

Black Appreciation Dinner
March 7, 2016 *  
Black Appreciation Dinner is a hallmark for the Black Community at Brown. A night for performances, speakers, over dinner. 

Camera 1+ Rough Edit//  Callie Smith
Camera 2+ Final Edit// Arturo Bory

Inside Reel Features
December, 2015 *  Facebook
A look at some of our people and us doing what we do.

Lead Camera+Edit// Angela Yang, Hana Estice
Assistant Lead// Addy Schuetz 

The RF Fall 2015 - Concert
November, 2015 * Events/Photos
The RF concert with music by DJ Sasha, Now Hiring, and Young Hummus. Hosted by Watermyn Co-op

Lead Camera + Edit// Angela Yang, Elizabeth Falkenberg  
Assistant Lead// Jenna Gosciak, Addy Schuetz

Sign Language Society - SLS
November, 2015 * Facebook 
Dedicated to furthering collaboration, integration, and knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL). 

Lead Camera + Edit// Alexis Ko 
Assistant Leads// Jenna Gosciak, Ana Horowitz, Addy Schuetz

Black Student Union - BSU
October, 2015 * website
A focal point for Black culture, political, and social activities. 

Lead Camera + Edit// Austin Peete, Angela Yang
Assistant Leads// Isabel Tejera, Hana Estice, Ana Horowitz

Art Beat
October, 2015 * website
Dedicated to fostering an artistic community at Brown for people who love art. 

Lead Camera + Edit// Lynn Tachihara 
Assistant Leads// Alexis Ko, Jenna Gosciak, Ana Horowitz 

Providence Ashwinders 
September, 2015 * website 
Quidditch team for Brown students and the broader Providence community. Watch them soar. 

Lead Camera+Edit// Errol Danehy, Angela Yang
Lead Assistants// Hana Estice, Elizabeth Falkenberg, Josh Wartel

Brown University Folk Festival - BUFF
April 24, 2015 * website 
One weekend a year, Brown and Providence folk lovers come together to enjoy sunshine, dancing, and folk. 

Lead Camera + Edit // Errol Danehy
Assistant Lead // Austin Peete 

Ivy Film Festival - IFF
April 6, 2015 * website 
Largest student run film festival in the world. One week event includes speeches, screenings, panels, and more. 

Lead Camera + Edit // Lynn Tachihara 
Assistant Lead // Austin Peete 

Buttered Sons of Police Concert 
April 3, 2015 * event photos/videos here 
We ran a concert. Sons of Providence, Butter, and Feng Shui Police played. Hosted by Watermyn Co-op. 

Lead Camera + Edit // Lynn Tachihara  
Assistant Lead // William Berry 


Reel Features Spring Shirt/Tank 
March 31, 2015 
We wanted to sell shirts at the concert and SW. We also thought they were really cool. We like to turn up. 

Design // Ellen Taylor 
Distribute // Sierra Clark 


Reel Features Concert Flyer 
April 1, 2015 
We planned a concert. We made a flyer so people knew. 

Design // Melissa Isidor 

Vietnamese Student Association - VSA 
March 30, 2015 * website 
Provides a space for Vietnamese people, culture, society, history, and politics through weekly hangouts & events.

Lead Camera + Edit // Lynn Tachihara 
Assistant Lead // Austin Peete 

Women in Business - WIB
March 11, 2015 * website 
Helping Brown women in business succeed through events, connections, workshops, and other resources. 

Lead Camera // William Berry
Assistant Lead + Edit // Austin Peete 

Reel Features Promotional Video 
January 7, 2015 
Reel Features begins with the creation of this video. Compilation of what RF was to become. 

Design + Edit // Sierra Clark